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Hello World

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  • By Jacqueline Hofman
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Hello World

Hello World! Let’s try this blog thing!

Never done before in my life. I always figured I’d be good at it but have learned that practice makes perfect. I will except my flaws and promise to always improve and learn.

How’s that for an opening?


Let me briefly introduce ourselves and why we got onto this exciting adventure of healthy snacks for the family.


Together with my husband Eduard and daughter Sophia (3), I, Jacqueline, have started this adventure a little over a year ago. Starting out at B2B delivery of nuts & dried fruit originally and somehow ending up here. Creating products for the family.


It is said that often at the start you cannot determine exactly where you will end up. Sure, ended up being our truth. I guess it started when we noticed our Little one really liked the products and it always seemed so difficult to find healthy things that were as appealing as some of the chocolates out there and candy. Jumping from the shelves.


Our little one was not introduced to most products until the age of two and a half, you really start to notice they recognize characters and then are drawn right in. Even though she didn’t even like the products and didn’t know them.


That’s when it hit, there is no fair choice in any supermarket! Not really, if you think about it.

Designs on healthy products are often pastel colors or green and orange packaging, indicating ‘we are healthy. Not marketed at the family at all. That needed to change!


With my background in Licensing (adding characters or brands to a product to generate more sales), it was an obvious move, we’re adding fun to healthy products. Not just that, we want our product to be 100% natural, best quality available for a reasonable price. Fast-forward to today, our products are out and selling into homes across Europe. From our family to yours, offering a real and more fair choice on shelves. It has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. But hearing responses, seeing orders come in and observing kids actually loving the product makes all the sweat and tears worth it!


Sophia, who is also our creative director, short for ‘we have nothing to say’, loves being involved. She helps pack the orders, add decorations, signs the cards and posts them. She also helps out and models for social media shoots, which is so much fun! Our days (and nights) are all about Hofman’s and creating ranges to suit everyone in the family. We are also about giving back. 10% of all profits to be exact. I’ll write about this along the way, as it may/will require your input soon. We want you to be involved and help decide where our funds go. More on our foundation can be found under the header “Hofman’s - Forever young”.


Now you know how it all got started and who are involved. Well, from our family that is. We will be introducing you to new team members soon, as Hofman’s is growing steadily.


So, how did I do? Give it to me straight!

If you’re not already, be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, see links.

Give me your honest opinion, ask me anything, hand us your Wishlist product or perhaps favorite character you think we should add or inspire my next blog. Anything is possible.

We want to hear from you! So, let’s stay in touch!


Wishing you a wonderful day! All the best, Jacqueline Hofman


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